Management dashboard

A user friendly intranet system in which policies can be recorded and monitored.

The Managementdashboard gives an actual picture of the goals and whether they are in line with the actual conditions so:

  • developments and trends can be detected early ;
  • research can be done into the causes of underperformance ;
  • measures can be taken in time to positively affect the performance .

In the system the policy can be translated from mission , vision, strategy to performance indicators, objectives and actions. Measures can also be recorded and sent to the respective controllers,  can be monitored and analysed.

This module provides a integrated system for the entire policy .

From mission to critical performance indicator

Using the management dashboard makes it easily visible how mission, vision, strategy ( long- term ) are translated to critical success factors, performance indicators, targets and actions ( short term).

Simple reporting

Of all the performance indicators detailed reports can be created . The trend can be monitored and analyzed so the cause can be investigated and measures can be taken in time.

PDCA in action

De PDCA-cyclus in actie!The moment a performance indicator is significantly different, an action can be sent towards the responsible manager. The system helps to monitor deadlines. The PDCA cycle in action!

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Some applications …

The module can be used to translate the concrete policy at various levels within the organization  and directly to put into action. Multiple dashboards within an organization underlying branches , departments etc .. can be created

Each organization and / or department can build its own dashboard, for example :

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • INK-managementmodel
  • Own organisational models


Curious about our possibility’s ……

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