Klachten en meldingen

Een compleet systeem voor het registreren en managen van (incident- en verbeter)meldingen

A complete system to register and manage incident, complaints, improve reports

In this system different types of reports can be managed, such as

  • incidents (safety, environmental, hygiene)
  • complaints(costumer complaints, supplier complaints)
  • compliments
  • (proces) deviations
  • improvement proposals
  • etcetera

By using simple registrations screens via webforms, a special app and even the website and smart links with other systems like ERP, CRM, HRM systems, reporting will be simple an approachable, the main perquisite for success!

In the system, the improvement cycle (PDCA) is followed by registration, survey (cause), measures to control/verification (efficiency) and analysis.

The progress of planned measures may also be monitored by working with deadlines. Users receive automatic reminders.

Quickly process improvements

Many errors and improvement opportunities are not registered or stay unattended too long. Increase the simplicity of registering and speed of handling.

Keep costumers and employees satisfied

Quick and effectively handling of  complaints and other reports, keeps your customers satisfied and loyal and your employees motivated.

Learning and prevent

Making mistakes is essential to the learning capacity of an organization. Without failures, less innovation . Good insight into mistakes and preventing them from repeating is essential.

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Flexible and fit each organization …

Registratie via de KEM App

Because the design of the module is flexible and can fit each organization the module can be used for various purposes which include:

  • Costumer complaints
  • Internal/external audits
  • Proposals for improvement
  • Incidents (VIM, FONA, MIP/ MIC e.d.)
  • Safety reports(accidents/near accidents)
  • Environmental reports
  • Supplier complaints
  • Helpdesk issues
  • Costumer contacts/ Customer Service

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