A user-friendly intranet system in which the entire audit process can be easily managed

In the audit system audits can be planned, prepared, reported, investigated (cause), settled (maesures), controlled an analyzed. The progress of the planned measures can be monitored by working with deadlines.

This provides a single integrated system for the entire audit process that fully meets the enquirements of the standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Ohsas 18001, HKZ etc.

Full audit planning

Every audit done in the organization , both internally and externally, can be registered and followed by those involved

Effective follow-up

By dealing with audit findings in a quick and effective way you can keep your internal quality on a high level and your employees motivated to participate in a audit.

Learning and preventing

During an audit essential improvement points will show up. A good focus on what these are en what can be done with them prevents from repeating.

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Some application possibilities …


Internal audits

  • Improvement audits
  • Product audits
  • Proces audits
  • Theme-audits (quality, environment, safety, etc.)

External audits

  • Customer audits/ checks
  • Supplier audits
  • Certification audits

Curious about the possibilities?

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