Content support

In terms of content we will provide you with advice and assistance based on broad experience

End users in front

Too much software is developed and designed mainly for managers (functional and / or technical) of this software. This real users of the software are the ‘ internal customers ‘ and are often lost of sight. If a managementsystem should be vivid and effective the end users should be in front. These are after all the people we want to support in carrying out their duties .

Implementation advice

Through extensive experience with implementations of our software, we have a good idea of ​​which routes can be successful. These routes have been different for each organization. We therefore look ahead to the culture , stage of development, size, complexity , etc. of your organization. It is important to think carefully before the start of the project on the choices with regards the establishment, structure , and authorizations and required use of the software .

The choices made are clearly not cast concrete and can always be adjusted. Sometimes new insights  are a reason to adjust choices.

Althought projectmanagement is in principle your task  we can play an active role in the ( monitoring ) the implementation.


For the efficient set up of the systems we can draw on many opportunities that we have applied to our customers in various industries. This allows us to provide a clear and appropriate advice. You thus have access to the experiences of previous implementations. We can also assist you in entering / importing the required documents , process diagrams and other information.

Organisational advice

When substantive guidance is desired in terms of quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management and management systems in general we can play a connecting role between the organization and professionals. In various industries we work with consulting and training bureaus.